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True Olive Connection

WHITE TRUFFLE Infused Olive Oil

WHITE TRUFFLE Infused Olive Oil

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Truffle Oil imparts the exquisite flavor of Truffles into your favorite meals at a fraction of the cost.  Truffle Oil is best used as a finishing oil, as opposed to a cooking oil, as heat will taint its flavor.  As an alternative to Truffle Butter, Truffle Oil may be applied over scrambled eggs or may be added to mashed potatoes to add a unique earthy flavor.

Truffle Oil is ideal for pasta, risotto, poultry or beef, and is spectacular when used as dipping oil or when added to a simple vinaigrette. Drizzle Truffle Oil over steamed vegetables or fresh salad greens for a unique eating experience, or combine with grated Parmigiano Reggiano and roasted garlic and spread on a fresh piece of bread.


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