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Gourmet Olive Oil and Vinegar Sampler 6 Pack Set A (2.4oz x 6)

Gourmet Olive Oil and Vinegar Sampler 6 Pack Set A (2.4oz x 6)

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Fresh Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic Vinegar Sampler Set

Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This amazing Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unparalleled to others who try to compare.  It’s has a lovely pepper finish, with a full bodied green tomato flavor, and a wonderful peppery silky finish. This extraordinary olive oil is extremely healthy for you, the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammation property are outstanding. You can only get this rating from certified, authentic, extra virgin olive oil. This delicious olive oil can be used for braising, sautéing, vinaigrette’s, sauces, bread dipping, or pastas or take daily for added health. 1oz daily

25 Star Balsamic Vinegar: This is a thick, dark reduction balsamic vinegar with rich texture and flavor for salads, meats, and vegetables. Our Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar comes from the juice of the Trebbiano grape cultivated in Modena, Italy.  Add this reduction to sauces, brush on pork tenderloin, pour over poached pears, our personal favorite is over baked brie cheese.

Tuscan Herb Infused Olive Oil: Tuscan Herb Olive Oil is an amazing proprietary blend of herbs featuring oregano, basil, garlic, sundried tomatoes and rosemary.  It is our most popular infused olive oil and is by far the best tasting Tuscan Herb blend you can find! It makes a great bread dipping oil and is fantastic for seasoning meats, vegetables, pasta and more!  Pair it with our 25 Star, Fig, Traditional Aged, Peach, Thyme, Sicilian Lemon and Apricot Balsamics. for a superb vinaigrette!  Use Tuscan Herb Olive Oil to make easy homemade croutons.

Fig Balsamic Vinegar: Sweet, sour and jammy notes of red fruit, ripe Italian fig and a hint of plum. It blends delicate acidity with Italian fig puree, achieving the perfect nose and texture meant to compliment any salad, cheese plate, relish or marinade. Pair with Blood Orange olive oil for a delicious salad dressing or Garlic olive oil for a sweet and savory pork or steak marinade.

Chipotle Infused Olive Oil: Combination of spicy and olive oil bring big heat and big flavors to a multitude of dishes, meals, and refreshments! Give some heat to couscous, stews, soups, your favorite spaghetti sauce & burritos! Stir into hummus and sour cream and use as a landing spot for your raw veggies, chips, and crackers. Drizzle over pizza and go wild with your wings. We have paired this unexpected spiced olive oil with our Chocolate Balsamic for Ice Cream, fresh salads, roasted veggies and more.

Italian Raspberry Dark Balsamic Vinegar is rich and velvety, but also delicate and fruity, lending itself well to traditional vinaigrettes, fine cheeses, and marinades. A nice compliment to our Chipotle Infused Olive Oil.



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