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Clara E Minor

Loved it and continue to love it every time I go in. Not only do they have a fabulous array of tasty olive oils and balsamic vinegars (strawberry balsamic is my current fave), but Mike and Susan are community builders. They are often seen at local community functions, giving out samples, and supporting the events. They are a favorite with the locals on First Friday, always providing food and drink for everyone who pours into the store. That’s a happening event all in itself! I love the way they innovate using their oils and balsamic. They pair them together and make the most wonderful tasty treats for everyone to sample. At one event, they combined vanilla gelato, fresh strawberries, and a slight pour of espresso balsamic…what an amazing treat! You can get gift packs of all sizes and add other gift items available in the store. And you can also have your own private party right there in the store! I highly recommend Susan and Mike’s True Olive Connection. They have an awesome staff too! They are a true gem in the Santa Cruz Community.

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Bekkah, Santa Cruz, CA

“When you visit the True Olive Connection, you’ll be treated like family and introduced to the wonderful world of extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  Susan, Mike, and their friendly staff love to share knowledge about these exceptional products that not only enhance your cuisine and are fun to cook with, they are good for you.”

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DJ Brooks, Corona, CA

I am a Chef. Your Traditional Aged Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil was given to me as a gift by my brother who lives near Santa Cruz. Yours is the VERY BEST 18 Yr. Old Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil that I have ever tasted anywhere in the world! Anyone I serve these products to also rave about them, and so I naturally tell them how to order online from you. I just placed an online order for another bottle of each, and you can bet I will always stock and use these products. Thanks for these great products and great tastes!

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Tex Long, San Francisco Bay Area

I would like to complement your very polite and extremely knowledgeable staff. They spoke of what they personally preferred as well as what tastes of the oils or vinegar’s went well with what types of foods, green salads or fruit salads. They also had lots of pertinent information about where the different oils were were exported, in addition to how the flavors were added after they reached the states. Their professionalism and wealth of information about the wares in the store made our shopping experience just that much more enjoyable. Quite refreshing to say the least!

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Tamara L.

I would say this business should be one that all businesses look at to see what is serving a fine product at affordable prices with EXCELLENT customer service!

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Ryan B.

I kept thinking that they would cut us off, but they seemed more than happy to let us try every bottle in the store! Whatever you do, try the balsamic vinegar that is aged 18 years…..EPIC.

There is a fantastic selection of oils and vinegars. I can’t speak highly enough about this store!

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Sabrina A.

The store is beautiful, so well presented and has so many olive oils and balsamic you can sample. The store is painted in this lovely yellow, they were tasting tables to stand at and the store is lined with the plethora of things to taste. It felt sophisticated without being pretentious. I will definitely check this place out again and get something for the cook in my family!

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