Spicy Sea Salt Sampler




Hot Curry Sea Salt: A wonderfully spicy incorporation of curry and natural sea salt.  Use this salt to enhance your favorite Indian dishes.  Great with chicken, rice, vegetables, seafood, steak and pork.

Spicy Garlic Pepper Sea Salt: This one-of-a-kind merge of salt. Garlic and pepper is extremely versatile.  This salt will add intense flavor to any meal.  Try it today on poultry, sauces, potatoes, stews or vegetables.

Habanero Sea Salt: A spice-lover’s dream come true.  This fusion of habanero and salt is perfect for spicing up any meal.  Use it often but sparingly to create unforgettable entrees.

Jalapeno Sea Salt: A fantastic mixture of jalapeno and sea salt that is not too spicy.  It will add just enough flavor to make authentic Mexican cuisine without over spicing.  Also try it on any meat.

Cajun Sea Salt: A delicious concoction of cajun spices, this salt will add zest to your cooking.  Use it as a finishing or cooking salt with chicken, beef or pork.  Also try on vegetables.

Ghost Pepper Sea Salt: Not for the faint of heart, this pepper is known for extreme heat.  Use sparingly to spice up any meal, including steak, potatoes, vegetables, poultry and tacos.

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