Smoked Sea Salt Sampler




Smoked Alderwood Sea Salt: This distinct flavor of alder smoke is brought to life through our natural smoking process. This sea salt is brilliant as a rub on red meats, poultry and salmon.

Smoked Bacon Chipotle Sea Salt: Our smoked bacon sea salt and chipotle peppers make the perfect pair. This best-selling salt is perfect for transforming a classic dish into an exceptional entree.

Smoked Bacon Sea Salt: Solar evaporated sea salt is transformed into delicious aromatic smoked bacon sea salt during our proprietary mixing and smoking process.  This savory sea salt is ideal on red meats.

Smoked Cherrywood Sea Salt: This premium smoked sea salt has a crisp, fruity flavor, perfect for using on salads, poultry or salmon. It is also popular when used as a finishing salt on potatoes and vegetables.

Smoked Garlic Sea Salt: Using our smoked alderwood sea salt and garlic we have created a new consumer favorite. This salt is magnificent as a rub on salmon, red meats or poultry. It is also best on potatoes or vegetables for an unforgettable flavor.

Smoked Onion and Garlic Sea Salt: Onion is infused with our signature smoked alderwood sea blend. This salt is wonderful as a rub on poultry, red meats or seafood.

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