French Sea Salt Tin Sampler


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French Citrus Fennel Sea Salt: An extraordinary mixture of natural French grey sea salt, fennel seed, coriander, white peppercorns and grated orange peel. This salt is spectacular on poultry or white fish.

French Fleur de Sel Sea Salt: French Fleur de Sel (flower of the salt) is considered one of the finest finishing salts in the word.  Known for great texture and flavor, it is best for finishing meals, or to garnish salted caramels and chocolates.

French Garden Blend Sea Salt: Herbs and spices combined with French Grey sea salt make a wonderful rub on chicken, lamb or beef.  Get creative with our French Garden Blend today.

French Grey Sea Salt: This extremely mineral-rich sea salt is solar evaporated and naturally infused with edible grey clay during harvesting.  It has a great texture and an unmistakable flavor which makes this a wonderful cooking salt.

French Harvest Sea Salt: This special house assortment of natural French grey sea salt, herbs and garlic will enhance any meal with natural flavors. Traditionally used in spaghetti, marinara sauces and as a rub on chicken.

French Provencal Sea Salt: A fabulous fusion of French grey sea salt and French herbs; this salt adds an excellent explosion of flavor to any dish, including lamb, chicken, vegetables and fish.

Pack of 6  with .05oz per tin

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