Regenerating Gelified Oil


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Revitalize your sensitive, irritated or damaged skin with OHO Regenerating Gelified Oil. This unique, anti-aging skin treatment accelerates the regeneration of skin with powerful nutrition and helps restore suppleness and the skin’s natural healing response.

Use Regenerating Gelified Oil on any areas of the face or body that are sensitive, irritated, scaling or peeling. It is also helpful in the treatment of different types of burns including sunburns, scalds and burns from the kitchen and some cases of acne. It ca be used with topical and/or oral corticoids and other medicines.

OHO Biologic Formulation is the main ingredient (87%). This Formulation, a blend of organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils, is prepared afresh every year to ensure optimal quality, and consistent, balanced levels of fatty acids (high monounsaturated content), antioxidants (vitamin E & ferulic acid) and anti-inflammatory (Oleocanthal) substances that are the source of the formulation’s powerful biological activities.

  • Quickly absorbed
  • Will not block pores
  • No preservatives, colors or parabens
  • Dermatologically tested

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