Natural  Sea Salt Sampler




Cyprus Flake Sea Salt: All natural flaky sea salt from Cyprus, this salt is very delicious. The flakes crunch in your mouth when used as a finishing salt and it melts over warm or mouse foods.

French Grey Coarse Salt: This extremely mineral rich sea salt is solar evaporated and naturally infused with edible grey clay during harvesting. It has a great texture and an unmistakable flavor which makes this a wonderful cooking salt.

Himalayan Pink Ancient Salt: Our Himalayan pink salt is perfect for cooking and finishing. It is easy to use and tastes great on everything. Being 200 million years old, it is extremely high in trace minerals. The pink color is from iron deposits.

New Zealand Sea Salt: This solar evaporated salt is produced from pristine waters and is high in trace minerals. It has a bold flavor, and great texture which works well in grinders.

Portuguese Sea Salt: 
Sicilian Sea Salt: 

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