Exotic Sampler 6 Pack Set (2.4oz x 6)


Exotic Sampler 6 Pack Set

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25 STAR Balsamic Reduction: This is a thick, dark reduction balsamic vinegar with rich texture and flavor for salads, meats, and vegetables. Our 12 Year Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar comes from the juice of the Trebbiano grape cultivated in Modena, Italy.  Add this reduction to sauces, brush on pork tenderloin, pour over poached pears, our personal favorite is over baked brie cheese. It is thick and rich and can be used as a glaze on cheese on a charcuterie board.

Black Truffle Olive Oil: Black Truffle Oil is considered to be the most earthy, intense and pungent Truffle Oil. It is made into a condiment by infusing essence of truffle into olive oil.  A few drops is all that is needed to capture the distinct rich, earthy and sumptuous flavors that Truffle Oil imparts. Truffle Oil is best used as a finishing oil, as opposed to a cooking oil, as heat will taint its flavor. Truffle Oil is best when used sparingly as a drizzle over foods, as its flavor is deep and pungent. Truffle Oil may be applied over scrambled eggs or may be added to mashed potatoes, warm pasta, roasted veggies, popcorn, the possibilities are endless.

Picual, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain: This amazing Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unparalleled to others who try to compare.  It’s has a lovely pepper finish, with a full bodied green tomato flavor, and a wonderful peppery silky finish. This Picual is grown in the Spanish mountains of Andalucía. This extraordinary olive oil is extremely healthy for you, the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammation property are outstanding. The extremely high Polyphenol count is unprecedented. You can only get this rating from certified, authentic, extra virgin olive oil. This delicious olive oil can be used for braising, sautéing, vinaigrette’s, sauces, bread dipping, or pastas or take daily for added health. 1oz daily (adult)

Herb de Provence Infused Olive Oil: With top notes of savory, thyme and bay leaf, our all natural Herbs de Provence olive oil is a show stopper when drizzled over grilled chicken, rubbed on turkey before roasting, for bread dipping, in aioli. Try paired with our Apricot, Lavender, of Traditional Aged balsamic for bread dipping or blended as vinaigrette.

Blood Orange Fused Olive Oil: Liven up your table with this showstopper olive oil that will leave your family begging for more. This is a fan favorite ingredient to our famous Blood Orange brownies. Fresh blood oranges are fused with extra virgin olive oil to bring out this fresh citrus and subtle sweet olive oil.

Brush on vegetables for an incredibly fragrant and delicious roasted side. This lends itself to be paired perfectly with our Cranberry Pear, Vanilla Fig or our authentic Maple balsamic vinegar. If you want to create a lovely herb dressing try it with our new Thyme White Balsamic. This can be used for every dish in the kitchen, fish, poultry, salad, root vegetables and more. For a real treat use it for French toast, waffles, or pancake batter. Oh, that’s what I am talking about!”

Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar: This richly decadent balsamic vinegar is made in Modena, Italy in the traditional style and flavored with chocolate. Indulge your senses with a complex twist on a traditional favorite. Pour it over your favorite vanilla gelato, strawberries, cheesecake or in chicken mole. The choice is endless. Pair this with our Blood Orange for a delightful salad dressing or our Smokey Chipotle olive oil for an amazing chicken wing!

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