Contact – Local Pick Up Locations – WINTER hours

We are selling online and over the phone 831-458-6457. We have 4 local pick up locations throughout the week. No weekend pick up locations. We also ship throughout the United States. We need 24 hours to process your orders.

Winter hours – Santa Cruz County – Local Pick Up Locations:

Aptos – Every Tuesday 3-5pm – Deer Park Market Place, off Rio Del Mar & Hwy 1.  READ CAREFULLY: Enter second driveway (close to Bank 0f America). As soon as you enter the driveway, make an immediate left turn and look left again for my car. I have a large green balloon attached to my car. (I am parked closest to Rio Del Mar Blvd, under the lamp post, not near the shops or bank).

Downtown – Every Wednesday 1-3pm – In the Parking Lot on Cedar and Lincoln Street. Enter off Cedar Street (near Jack’s Burgers). Look for large green balloon attached to my car. (NOT AT THE FARMERS MARKET or OLD SHOP).

Scotts Valley – Every Thursday 9-10 AM – I am at Coast Vet. Clinic – 5400 Scotts Valley Drive. In the Quik Stop Gas Station PARKING LOT (in corner near The SV Feed Store). Look for large green balloon attached to my car.

West Side – Every Thursday 3-5pm – I’m in front of NECTAR Creations  – 330 Ingalls Street, ON THE STREET. (Between Marini’s Ice Cream and Santa Cruz Mountain Winery). LOOK FOR GREEN BALLOON ON CAR.

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