Price List & Local Pick Up Locations and Shipping Details:

2022 Updated details:

Aptos – Every Tuesday 3-5pm – Deer Park Market Place, off Rio Del Mar & Hwy 1. Enter second driveway (close to Bank of America). As soon as you enter the driveway, make an immediate left turn and look left again for my car. I have a large green balloon attached to my car. (I am parked closest to Rio Del Mar Blvd, under the large trees, not near the shops or bank).

Downtown – Every Wednesday, 1-3pm – In the Parking Lot on Cedar and Lincoln Street. Enter near Jack’s Burgers off Cedar St. Look for large green balloon attached to my car.

Scotts Valley – Every Thursday 10-11 AM – I am parked in the Nob Hill Parking Lot, 222 Mount Herman Road (near the liquor store) – Look for large green balloon attached to my car.

West Side – Every Thursday, 4-5pm (new hours 2022) – Parked on the Street- 330 Ingalls Street (Near Marini’s and Bottle Jack Tasting Room). Look for Green Balloon on my Car.

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