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Summer Fun AAA Via Article Features True Olive Connection

Article By Eric Smillie Northern California’s classic beach destination pairs a carefree oceanside scene with a bustling downtown brimming with tasteful restaurants and shops.

…Some taste spicy, some buttery; others come infused with porcini or herbes de Provence. At the True Olive Connection, shoppers can sample some two dozen olive oils on tap and balsamic vinegars laced with everything from espresso to mango.

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Visit from A Lady in London

Santa CruzLondon-based travel writer and consultant, “Lady in London” just visited Santa Cruz. Here’s a link to her blog with details of her visit to True Olive Connection. She’s visited 95 countries and is passionate about travel, food, language, art, architecture, wildlife, and culture.

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The True Olive Connection in Downtown Santa Cruz is Bursting with Flavor!

Written on January 25, 2012 by Christine Candelaria

For the True Olive Connection, a family-owned tasting room and boutique in Downtown Santa Cruz that specializes in unique, high-quality olive oils from around the world, its name is as carefully chosen as its products. Co-owner Susan Pappas knew she had the right combination of words when it reflected perfectly her store’s aim: to spread the truth about olive oil and freshness while connecting with families and the local community.

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New businesses indicate economic slump easing in Santa Cruz: Public safety improvements also better climate

Written on November 9, 2010 by J.M. BROWN

SANTA CRUZ — Mike and Susan Pappas fell in love with a specialty olive oil store in Belmont and wondered whether a similar enterprise would work in Santa Cruz.

The newlyweds walked the downtown area and confirmed there was nothing like it. They got hooked up with an Oakland distributor, wrestled up quotes on a few spaces available for lease, and four months later, the True Olive Connection was born on Lincoln Street.

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